Communion Bar, preaching the good word of the cocktail

As themed establishments go, this one is new on us – a subterranean space that holds the title of being the only stained-glass window bar in London. Enjoy thoroughly unique and artisan libations while admiring the hand-crafted tiles, church candles and complimentary wine and wafers that give Communion its name.

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Issue 12 of The Cocktail Lovers magazine coming soon!

Issue 12 of The Cocktail Lovers magazine has just hit the printers and boy, oh boy have we got a treat for you!

Let’s just say it puts girls on top – we have interviews with queen of the New York cocktail scene Julie Reiner and Zacapa Master Blender Lorena Vasquez, hear from female bartenders around the world about working behind the stick and talk to two women who have created a vodka specially for female palates.

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World Class in the House!

Next week is World Class week. Bartenders and those in
the business won’t need any introduction to the wonders
of World Class and all that this global competition stands for
but for some cocktail loving consumers out there, it’s not
so obvious. Well, allow us to enlighten you, the clue is in the

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One man, one woman, living the London cocktail lifestyle

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