Unfolding and exploring the new menu at Artesian

It’s like that irksome second album thing: how do you follow up a big hit with something equally crowd pleasing? Or, and here’s an even bigger ask, have you got what it takes to make your next offering better than the huge success that went before?

Artesian have. Just when you thought the team behind the best bar in the world (official) might have exhausted itself with all the creative madness and downright clever jiggery-pokery that goes into each of its menus, up they come with another totally brilliant drinks list. Continue reading


Music for Cocktail Lovers

Don’t leave it to your iPod shuffle to dictate the mood of your soirée, take time to curate your own playlist. We asked lounge loving DJ Johnny Vercoutre to pick out his top ten tracks to sip cocktails to.

On the record

Johnny says: “Nothing gets your cocktail party going more than creating the right atmosphere. Pick up a vintage record player cheaply on eBay.”

On the drinks front

Obviously we don’t advocate pairing each record to the suggested drink, that would be irresponsible madness – these are purely suggestions for what you could serve during your party.

Continue reading


Get your tickets to hear Tom Walker in conversation with The Cocktail Lovers

We may be rubbish at football but England is doing pretty nicely when it comes to winning global rum cocktail contests thank you very much.

Join us as we talk to Tom Walker, this year’s champ of the
prestigious BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition in the first
of The Cocktail Lovers Salons at Opium.

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Make a date for Speed Rack UK

If you missed Speed Rack UK last year, promise us you won’t make that rookie error again. Why would you want to miss out on the biggest, best and pardon us for being lewd, the boobiest party in town?

Check this: not only does your ticket guarantee you banging tunes, complimentary cocktails and a selection of punch all evening (yes, really and they’re good ones too), you’ll get to see some of the fastest, freshest, feistiest female bar tending talent in the UK as they show off their skills making cocktails against the clock.

Oh yes, and this happened…

Great drinks, nail-biting rounds, pumping soundtrack, a fantastic crowd – all-in-all it’s onehelluva event. And here’s the clincher: every penny of your ticket price goes to support The Haven, our favouritest breast cancer charity in the whole wide world.

Speed Rack UK takes place 7-10pm on Monday 23 June at Oval Space, Bethnal Green. Tickets are £15 in advance, £20 at the door. Seriously, that’s the cost of two cocktails – what are you waiting for?

Book your tickets here

With big thanks to sponsors St. Germain, Belvedere, Four Roses, Auchentoshan, Bacardi, Excellia Tequila, G’Vine, Luxardo, Martini and Rossi, Del Maguey, Courvoisier, Galliano, Koko Kanu, June Liqueur, Le Quintinye Vermouth Royal, Peter F. Heering Company, Cointreau – you guys rock!


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