George Garvin Brown, founder of Old Forester

Sharing a glass of Old Forester with its founder’s great, great grandson

Back in 1870  whisky was shipped in barrels and diluted by establishments as they wished. To ensure the quality of his bourbon, George Garvin Brown, a pharmaceutical salesman and native of Louisville, Kentucky, was the first to put it in sealed glass bottles. Moreover, he guaranteed these with his handwritten signature displayed on the label of his Old Forester bourbon. 140 years later Old Forester is the oldest Bourbon brand in continuous production, it’s survived prohibition and is still made to its original  72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malted barley recipe.

Most significantly of all it is still owned by the descendants of George Garvin Brown. And it’s one of those descendants,  George Garvin Brown IV, Brown Forman EVP, who recently gave us the Old Forester inside track over a glass of the liquid in question. Continue reading


Doing it Frank’s way

If Mr G could do a Doctor Who and step inside the tardis, he’d go back to circa. 1958 no question. The reason? So he could live it large, wear sharp suits and hang out with Frank and the Rat Pack.

He’s probably not the only one. That’s why the Sinatra Selects tour running this month to celebrate Jack Daniel’s birthday is guaranteed to be a hit. Not only does it take in some of Frank’s favourite London hangouts but it focuses on his favourite spirit, Jack Daniels and cranks it up a notch with the smooth, rich taste of special edition Sinatra Select. Continue reading

World of Zing Ultra-Dry Martini

Take your tastebuds on tour with World of Zing

Margaritas rimmed with Mexican cactus sea salt, handcrafted
grapefruit liqueur in your champagne cocktail or maybe smoky
lapsang syrup as the secret ingredient in your next mixology
creation. Welcome to the World of Zing. Continue reading


Communion Bar, preaching the good word of the cocktail

As themed establishments go, this one is new on us – a subterranean space that holds the title of being the only stained-glass window bar in London. Enjoy thoroughly unique and artisan libations while admiring the hand-crafted tiles, church candles and complimentary wine and wafers that give Communion its name.

Continue reading

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