Birthday boy Andy Mil has plenty to smile about in Rio

Blimey, talk about dramatic – the Final Eight is actually the Final Ten. Confused? Don’t be. As Dale De Groff pointed out as we waited to hear which of yesterday’s 16 would be called up to face the last two challenges of the World Class Global Final 2012: “The numerical split from one to ten was so tight, we’ve had to move another two through to the last round.”

After a dramatic X-Factor-esque pause where we all thought we’d pass out with the tension, the winning names were announced. They are (fanfare please):

Australia Tim Phillips
Denmark Kasper Riewe Henriksen
Dubai Jimmy Barrat
Great Britain Andy Mil (and it’s his birthday today, so double celebrations)
Italy Dennis Zoppi
Japan Shigeki Yoshida
Netherlands Fjalar Goud
Spain Giuseppe Santamaria
Taiwan Kae Yin
US Ricky Gomez

Huge congratulation to all ten hoping to do their countries proud later today. They’ll be performing a Speed Round, followed by a Signature Serve, then that’s it – we’ll have our World Class Global Finalist. The palpitations have already started…

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