Bacardi Legacy comes to Sydney

Sydney, 28th April-3rd May: For 34 bartenders around the world, the next few days will be about one thing: winning the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. They’ve each created what they hope will go on to become a future classic and spent the past six months ensuring cocktail lovers from Austria to Zanzibar know all about it.

Over the past two days they’ve been here in Sydney getting to know each other in a series of workshops and training but the nail-biting stuff comes tomorrow in the highly anticipated semi-finals. Who’s going to win? Who knows. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t going to be easy. We’ll be here in Sydney watching their every move.

Check in each day for the latest updates.


ARGENTINA: Ezequiel Rodríguez, Victoria Brown Bar (Perfume Daiquiri)
AUSTRIA: Kenny Klein, Maniac Bar Artists (The Golden Moment)
AUSTRALIA: Alissa Gabriel, Manhattan Line (Bouteiller)
BELARUS: Lizaveta Molyavka, New Project (Blush)
CANADA: Mike Shum, Fairmont Pacific Rim (Chan Chan)
CHINA: Faye Chen, Speak Low (Gold Fashioned)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Milos Danihelka, L’Fleur Bar (Orgullo)
DENMARK: Jonas B. Andersen, Strøm Bar (Harlequin)
ESTONIA: Regeri Zoo, Meat Market Cocktail Bar (Four Seasons)
FINLAND: Mauricio Allende, Grotesk Bar (Ron-Con-Ton)
FRANCE: Frank Dedieu, Redwood (Le Latin)
GERMANY: Juergen One Wiese, Goldene Bar (Meadow)
GREECE: Xaris Darras, Mr Peacock (Clandestino)
HONG KONG: Devender Sehgal, Otto e Mezzo Bombana (The Optimist)
INDIA: Navneet Kumar, ITC Grand Bharat (Espritu de Santiago)
IRELAND: Karim Mehdi, SABA (Garrigue)
ISRAEL: Omer Gazit Shalev, 223 Cocktail Bar (French Governor)
ITALY: Federico Tomasselli, Barnum (Cuban Saint)
LATVIA: Juris Kenins, Mute (Belgium Avenue)
LEBANON: Jad Ballout, Central Station (El Mediterráneo)
LITHUANIA: Trinity (Doremi)
MEXICO: Grupo Fisher’s (La Familia)
NEW ZEALAND: Barney Toy, Revelry Bar (The Pan Am Cocktail)
NORWAY: Matthia Bengt Alsenalissa, Brooms & Hatchets (Turning Leaves)
POLAND: Karim Bibars, Pergamin Bar (Maestro Smash)
RUSSIA: Dmitriy Chupyra, Ruby Wine Bar (Family Pearl)
SINGAPORE: Peter Chua, 28 Kong Kong Street (Sugar Man)
SOUTH AFRICA: Denzel Heath, Thirst (The Lennox)
SPAIN: Jaime Anon, Terraza Sojo Palace (Victoria Indomable)
SWEDEN: Emil Areng, Open/Closed (Pepin Cocktail)
SWITZERLAND: Simon Brandmayer, Onyx Bar (Cipango)
UAE: Eric Ballard, Provocateur (El Vestido)
UK: Ally Martin, Peg+Patriot (Young Cuban)
USA: Ran Duan, The Baldwin Bar (Father’s Advice)

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