Things we’ve learned about Jägermeister during the Hubertus Circle Jager Road Trip this week: it’s a pretty darned versatile liquid. We’ve witnessed its chameleon-like qualities in a number of drinks – heck, we’ve even tasted it in flavoured popcorn. We’ve also seen that it has a place in fancy cocktails as well as in ice cold shots.

Our second stop: Purple Turtle, Reading

With its fast-pace and emphasis on live music it’s fair to say that Purple Turtle in Reading falls into the latter camp. That said Hubertus Circle member Gary Stone assisted by Frodo Darroch had two Jägermeister cocktails on offer from the customised Jager Ice Cream van in the car park last night. Simple to make and easy to drink, they went down a treat with the crowds (we’re talking about the drinks although Frodo was trying his best…)

“We wanted to keep things easy but elegant; drinks that guests can make for themselves at home,” Gary explained when asked about his choice of cocktails for the evening. “With its 56 botanicals which is more than even the most complex gins, Jägermeister works well in many styles of cocktails – the possibilities are endless.”

On the menu:

Jager Sour
(Jägermeister, sweet and sour mix, egg white, sugar syrup), who doesn’t like a Sour? This one was sweeter than most but a good introduction for cocktail and Jager newbies.

Stags Head
(Riggs Raspberry & Blackberry Shrub, equal parts Jagermeister, Jager Spice), another sweet cocktail, here served in a classic Champagne flute for a little bit of posh as you watch the live bands).

Although not particularly complex, the cocktails on offer worked well for a high volume bar and did a good job in the setting and for the crowd they were aimed at. Which leads us on to the golden rule of cocktails: know your audience. Job done.



All photography James Sharples

Next stop for us: Saturday 4th June, Loves Company, London. For the whole story, see here





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