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They like a drink in Ukraine. That’s not just us making assumptions by the way, we have it on good authority from the World Health Organisation no less. According to them, the people of Ukraine are ranked sixth for alcohol consumption (after Belarus, Moldava, Lithuania, Russia and Romania), sipping 13.9 litres per capita per year. So really, it should come as no surprise that Barometer, its annual bar show is big business as well.

In just two years, Barometer International Bar Show has gained quite the reputation for pulling in big names from around the globe to enlighten its home grown talent. And the line-up for this, its third year is no exception. Sharing their knowledge and expertise from the Star Stage are Lauren Mote (World Class Cocktailian, Bittered Sling), Marian Beke (The Gibson, London), Diego Ferrari (Cocktail Art), Philip Bischoff (Manhattan Bar, Singapore) and Joe Schofield (International Bartender of the Year) talking about everything from Breaking the stereotypical hotel bar (Bischoff) to the beauty of non-alcoholic cocktails (Ferrari), all based on the theme for this year’s show, Borders.

But it’s not just about the sexy names. There are other gems in store too. In fact, the show which takes place in CEC Parkovy encompasses seven zones in total, including the Bang Bang Stage, Universe Stage, Discovery Stage, two Tasting sections and one devoted to the Business of Bars, with talks in Russian and English (see the full programme for details).

That’s the day taken care of, come the evening the bars of Kiev will be bustling with guest bartenders from around the world, including some of our absolute favourites like Little Red Door (Paris), Flying Dutchmen (Amsterdam), Hemingway Bar (Prague), Baba au Rum (Athens) and Paradiso (Barcelona). And international guests will have a chance to sample the delights from the host country with drinks from PR Bar (Kyiv), Zelda Bar (Odesa), Shipuchka (“Sparkler”) (Chernivtsi), Copper Head (Ivano-Frankivsk), Normal (Kyiv), S34 (Kyiv), Adler’s Passage 13 (Ternopil), Steakhouse (Kyiv), Bezdelniki (“Loafers”) (Kyiv), Vintage Bar (Kyiv), BAO (Kyiv), showing just why the people of Ukraine enjoy their tipples.

It’s going to be a fun-packed event and we’ll be there checking it out.

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