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Chivas Seasonal Serves

Chivas Seasonal Serves: passionfruit and chai tea syrup

Cordials, syrups, sherbets, shrubs and superb Chivas serves to see you through the whole year. The latest Chivas Seasonal Serve from Josh Reynolds, Global Winner of the Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition 20...

Micah Melton: a judge’s view on the Chivas Masters

Photograph: Christian Seel In two days time 15 talented bartenders from around the world will touch down in Tokyo ready to compete in the fourth Chivas Masters Global Cocktail Competition. Ahead of their arriv...

Jimmy Barrat: What Japanese bartending has taught me

Continuing our series on the four Ps of Japanese bartending as identified by Chivas Global Brand Ambassador Max Warner, we talk to Jimmy Barrat, Bar Development Manager, Zuma Middle East. What I’ve learned: Ji...

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