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The Cocktail Lovers look at classic and new books


Book review: Drinks by Tony Conigliaro

Or ‘Drinks: Unravelling the Mysteries of Flavour and Aroma in Drink’ to give it its full title. This is a beautiful book – from the satisfyingly tactile cover, all grainy and lush, to the layout of the drinks and recipes within. By all means add it to your cocktail library but we suggest laying it out, pride of place on your coffee table, it really deserves to be seen.

It starts with a foreword from Heston Blumenthal (that should give you some idea of the level of drinks book this is), and takes in 50 classics, all given a Conigliaro twist. There are adventures in perfume, concept drinks, distillations, cordials and seriously geeky stuff involving smoke guns, dehydrators and refractometers – all brought to life with surprisingly easy-to-follow recipes and descriptions. A fascinating insight into the construction of cocktails exquisite photography by Addie Chinn.

Drinks – where art and and cocktails combine.

RRP £25. Ebury Press.




Win copies of How To Drink at Christmas

The essential guide for Christmas drinks

We’ve spent the past few weeks collating cocktail recipes, some fancy, some simple but all created to serve during the festive season. In truth we could have just highlighted the wonderful recipes in Victoria Moore’s fabulous book How To Drink at Christmas, it’s got all the ingredients you need for this special time of year…

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Hawksmoor At Home

Book Review

Top marks to Hawksmoor At Home

We’ve got to admit to having an almost unhealthy obsession for cookery books. And don’t get us started on anything to do with cocktails… On our shelves Jamie Oliver and Sophie Dahl hang out with Dale DeGroff and Simon Difford, while Italian treats from The River Cafe live only inches away from classic London cocktails from The Savoy.

Nice as it is to dip into one reference source for food and another for drinks, it’s abso-blooming-lutely fabulous to have ideas and instructions for both contained in one book. Particularly when it’s as drool worthy as Hawksmoor At Home

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