The Cocktail Lovers look at cocktail ware for the home

Getting fruity!

Infusions, boozy puds and fruity drinks for grown-ups

Glass Act

We put Riedel Bar glassware to the taste test

Sitting Pretty

Brighten up your sofa with these funky cocktail recipe cushions

D.I.Y. Mojitos

Mojito kit from Shabby Chic Did you know a mojito is one of the most popular drinks requested at the bar? Particularly during the summer. Little wonder really. With it's deliciously minty goodness and long,...

Product Review: Martini Glasses

Stylish martini glasses from Stylish Life We just love these colourful hand-blown glasses from stylishlife.co.uk. Sold in a set of four and presented in an elegant box, they make a perfect gift for any cock...

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