Some of the cocktails we love mixing up

Get your swizzle on!

The team at Angostura are on a mission: to rejuvenate swizzled cocktails. Daniyel Jones, Amaro di Angostura Ambassador; Martin Cate, rum expert and owner of Smuggler’s Cove, together Summer-Jane Bell, West Coas...
Chivas Seasonal Serves

Chivas Seasonal Serves: rhubarb and cardamom syrup

Cordials, syrups, sherbets, shrubs and superb Chivas serves to see you through the whole year. Short and sharp, the latest Chivas Seasonal Serve from Josh Reynolds, Global Winner of the Chivas Masters Cockta...

Mixing up the classics with

One of the many wonderful things about the cocktail world (and let’s face it there are loads) is that it’s a never ending journey. Ingredients, techniques, garnishes, glassware, there’s always something new to ...

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