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A few recipes we’ve picked up along the way


Spook-tacular cocktails for Halloween

It's weird how we Brits have taken to embracing Halloween. We remember a time when the most exciting it got was watching scary movies on TV, now the nights leading up to 31st October are like one big Thriller c...
Fairtrade cocktail and £16000 ring at Oxo Tower Bar

Cocktails, good causes and a gold ring worth £16,000

Sipping cocktails at The Oxo Tower Bar bar is always guaranteed to deliver a bit of feel good factor. Now that particular feeling has gone into overdrive with a rather tasty collaboration. Thanks to a unique ad...
Belvedere Know Your Martini

The quest for the perfect Martini – part 2: Belvedere

How many variations can there be on a Vodka Martini and what makes it different? Is it just about the ratio of spirit to vermouth? Is it whether this most classic of cocktails is stirred or shaken? Or whether i...
The Monin Cup UK Final UK

The sweet taste of success at the UK Monin Cup

Take eight up and coming young bartenders, put them behind the bar at the smart new Monin Studio in Hoxton, give them a choice of over 100 premium syrups, then challenge them to define the UK in a cocktail. Wel...

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