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2018 Spirited Awards Winners

In an industry filled to bursting with such incredible talent it's hard enough whittling the nominations down to a top ten, let alone picking out an overall winner in each category. So first off, huge congratul...

Dive into the world of Metaxa 12 Stars

It's a warm summer's evening in Athens, the sun is setting and the horizon is dominated by the iconic Parthenon. We're viewing it from an elegant rooftop terrace while we enjoy a particularly delicious cocktail...

Bars on our radar: Paradiso in Barcelona

We hate being invited to review new menus. Strike that, hate is too strong a word, what we mean is, the prospect makes us extremely nervous. Don’t get us wrong, we know that we’re incredibly lucky to be asked a...

Chivas Masters 2018: the lowdown on global finals week

Lord knows how this year’s Chivas Masters Global Finalists must be feeling one week on from the start of their incredible adventure because we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re absolutely shattered. Never mind...

The Cocktail Lovers Magazine

Issue 24 of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine: Asia Unwrapped

Cover illustration: Mark Reihill Can we take a moment to talk about the bar scene in Asia? Well, more than a moment actually – we’ve devoted the whole of our new issue to it. When you consider that Asia is the...

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