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Five of the best: Bloody Marys

Anyone can make a Bloody Mary: add tomato juice to a healthy measure of vodka, douse with a splash or two of Worcestershire Sauce and some Tabasco if you’re feeling frisky. Dunk in a celery stick and you’re go...

Cocktails coming atcha straight from the heart

Shhhh! Listen carefully – is that the sound of Cupid sharpening his arrow we hear? Yup, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and if you’re still undecided what to do with your amour, fret not. London’s best bars...

Desert Island Drinks with Ivy Mix

Music and cocktails go together like – well, like all that's good in the world quite frankly. Which is why, each month we'll be asking one of our favourite bartenders to talk about five key points in their liv...

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