Goings on around the cocktail world

June Cocktail Goings On

SUMMER IS HERE! *We think* - obviously given the fact we live in Blighty means we can never be 100% certain of the kind of weather allotted to us. Still, excitement levels are rising and we're crossing our fing...

The lowdown on the Diageo World Class GB 2018 semi-finals

Above: The 10 Diageo World Class GB 2018 finalists If you’re a bona fide cocktail lover of the GB variety, you’ll no doubt have made it your business to find out the names of the ten clever so and so’s going t...

The Cocktail Lovers Magazine

Issue 24 of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine: Asia Unwrapped

Cover illustration: Mark Reihill Can we take a moment to talk about the bar scene in Asia? Well, more than a moment actually – we’ve devoted the whole of our new issue to it. When you consider that Asia is the...

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