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Call us shallow if you like but we take dressing for the Cocktail Hour just as seriously as the drinks themselves. So what should a gentleman wear when taking his lady to a fancy bar? Mighel Critten, Product Development Manager at A Suit That Fits gives his tips:




Coloured pocket squares add panache

Wear a double breasted velvet jacket to add a little glamour to any cocktail bar. Double breasted jackets are a huge trend at the moment and certainly remind us of 1930’s glamour. Velvet also gives your look a very luxurious touch.

Keep your shoes simply, neat and smart for an extra sharp look. Try to avoid flamboyant designs, but don’t be scared of bright colours.

Avoid wearing a necktie, always choose a fancy bow tie or folded cravat, for a dandy- inspired look!

If you go for simply black or brown shoes, then always wear some brightly coloured or patterned socks to stand out from the crowd.

Last but certainly not least, always wear a pocket square! Pocket squares are a big trend at the moment and will certainly turn heads. Try to match the pocket square with the shirt to enhance any colours.

Get the look and more tip-top styling tips at A Suit That Fits: asuitthatfits.com

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