A Right Royal Do

Beefeater Right Royal Punch The big question is, will anyone really go into a bar and request a Royal Wedding cocktail? We seriously doubt it. However, if you're planning one of the estimated 4,000 street p...

Zenna Bar, W1

For those who take their cocktails with a spicy kick

Eau-riginal Cocktails

There was a time when only posh people drank Perrier - the rest of us made do with tap. Now Perrier is adding fizz to some ingenious cocktails

The Cocktail Lovers meet Jo Good on BBC Radio London

Last night saw us join Jo Good on BBC Radio London's Late Show and talking about the cocktail scene in London as well as mixing up a couple of our own recipes... Hear an excerpt from the show here... (more&...

TCL on Radio London

Rhubarb, the taste of spring The Cocktail Lovers were spreading the cocktail love on JoAnne Good's Radio London show this evening. In between bigging up the vibrant bar scene in the capital we created two d...