Doncha just love summer? Forget the weather for a moment, for The Cocktail Lovers May-September is all about making the most of nature’s abundant supply of goodies. We’re talking fat, juicy berries, fragrant herbs and anything else that tickles our fancy…

We spent most of this month at our own bar, steeping berries in gin. We’ve infused raspberries, cherries, blackcurrants and redcurrants; we even played around adding an alcoholic kick to gooseberries and chunks of rhubarb. Funny how such a Women’s Institute’ish pursuit has brought about so much excitement. After creating each particular infusion we’ve been checking almost obsessively on its progress, watching to see the fruit getting plump and drunk as it soaks lazily in the alcohol while we comment on the deepening colour of the liquid.

We’ve got a couple of weeks to go before we put the infusions to the test but here is the basic recipe to keep you going, courtesy of Beefeater.

1 bottle Beefeater Gin
250g fresh fruit (try raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, redcurrants, either on their own or a combination)
2 tbsp caster sugar

Pour gin over the fruit and sugar and store in a large Kilner jar. Leave to infuse for one month. When ready to use, strain the infusion through fine muslin.

We’ll bring you recipes for fruity summer cocktails next month after we’ve finished testing them.

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