When the folk at Beefeater and Plymouth gins invite you to spend the afternoon sampling tip-top cocktails with them and the drink cognoscenti, you know something special is going on. Cue the launch of Gin and Tales, a new website dedicated to all things gin…

If you like gin, you’ll love Gin and Tales, a new website aimed at embracing more people to the bosom of, you’ve guessed it, gin. Gin cocktails in particular. It’s been put together and edited by leading London cocktail mixologist Dré Masso who told us the site will grow month by month with regular features and recipes. But there’s more to it than that. Dré keeps it fresh, interactive and informative by chatting to a top figure from the bar scene each month who will demonstrate how to make a classic or their signature cocktail. The launch kicks off with tips from two heavyweights – Dick Bradsell and The Maestro Salvatore Calabrese, with Salvatore giving his tips on making a classic G&T, while Dick talks about his modern classic Bramble cocktail. Which is where another nice Gin and Tales touch comes in:  ‘Dre’s Twist’ sees him take one of the featured drinks, in this case Dick’s Bramble cocktail, giving it his own spin so it becomes something delicious and peachy. Elsewhere on the site you’ll find handy stuff on bar kit plus essential techniques, promotions, a useful ‘My Bar’ page to save your favourite recipes for return visits and snippets from Dre’s favourite bars from around the world.

Meanwhile if you’re wondering about those bars and barmen. We caught up with Tim Stones, Beefeater International Brand Ambassador at Zetter Townhouse for two cocktails, the English Breakfast Martini and the fabulous Flintlock, served with a few sage words on the flavours and characteristics of Beefeater 24 from Master Distiller Desmond Payne. Next we jumped into our Beefeater branded taxi and headed to the legendary Dukes Bar to sample Alessandro Palazzi’s exemplary take on mixing a classic Dry Martini while Plymouth Master Distiller Sean Harrison provided us with accompanying wisdom on its featured gin. Back into those taxis for our last stop where we finished up in the company of Nick Strangeway and Dan Warner, Beefeater International Brand Ambassador at Mark’s Bar for a Gin and Juice and a spiffing English punch.

Ms S says:

There’s a whole lotta good stuff here for everyone from novice to bartender. The recipes are designed to be followed, not just admired, so roll up your sleeves and take your pick from the highlighted occasions (after dinner, barbies, summer, aperitif etc), choose your ingredients, preferred gin and level of skill (basic to tricky), then whoosh!, you’re ready to go. The ‘My Bar’ section is a really nice touch for storing recipes and features as you go along and the video interviews are fun, informative and very nicely presented. This is your place for everything you want to know about gin.

Mr G says:

We’re all in favour of anything that allows people to understand and enjoy cocktails more, and this site nicely looks after the gin department.  I particularly like the interviews with bar celebrities and this alone is reason enough for me to be making regular visits back to the site in future.

Check out Gin & Tales for yourself at ginandtales.com

English Breakfast Martini

1 3/4 English Breakfast Tea infused Beefeater 24
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Pasteurized Egg White (Optional)
1/4 oz Sugar Syrup
1 bar spoon Marmalade


Shake and strain into glass tea cup or cocktail glass. Garnish with zested orange peel.

Created by Tim Stones, Beefeater International Brand Ambassador.

Gin and Orange

60ml Beefeater Gin
90 ml orange juice
Lime wedge and thyme (optional) to garnish


Glass: highball or collins. Pour all the ingredients over cubed ice, stir and squeeze in the juice of a lime wedge. Drop the lime wedge into the glass and serve. Adding a sprig of thyme creates a more aromatic drink and gives a dramatic dash of colour.

Created by Nick Strangeway, Mark’s Bar.


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