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Tip-top single estate 100% blue agave bearing the first ever tequila vintage


What They Say:

Ocho is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the (family grown) agaves were sourced. Each batch comes from a different ‘rancho’ contributing distinctive characteristics of that region.

What We Say:

Ms S says

I don’t know much about tequila but I do know the two we tasted were top dollar. We took Tomas Estes’ advice and reached for our specially created Riedel glasses to give this single estate Blanco tequila the respect it deserves.

First though, a word on the packaging. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill tequila – the pure, clean lines of the bottle, bold graphics, simple screw cap and seal proudly bearing the ‘terroirs’ of the agave have been designed to make Ocho stand apart. Which it does. Both in looks and taste. The ‘Los Mangoes’ was soft, almost fruity on the nose, revealing an exceedingly smooth, creamy taste with a slightly sweet finish – absolutely delicious and very easy to drink neat which is something I never thought I’d hear myself say. The ‘Los Corrales’ was a bigger hitter in both aroma and taste, bursting with agave and hints of citrus and black pepper. For mixing up our cocktails we went for Los Mangos. It worked beautifully in the long, elegant and very summery Rose Margarita and equally moreish in the regular margarita.

Mr G says

We’re on a journey of discovery with tequila and experiencing the subtle but significant differences between two ‘ranchos’ of Ocho Blanco turned out to be a particularly enlightening part of that journey. ‘Los Mangoes’ had hints of minerals on the nose, which also came through in the taste, along with a little sweetness and lovely syrupy mouth feel. ‘Los Corrales’  had some citrus in its aroma and in the taste, as well as a particularly clean feel and a hint more heat. Both were complex and both opened up nicely over their time in the glass.

In the Rose Margarita ‘Los Mangoes’ balanced beautifully with the sweetness of the Triple Sec and made for a very refreshing, long summer drink. It worked fantastically well in the Classic Ocho Margarita – rather than just being there the tequila really shone, delivering a real depth of flavour and a pleasing little kick.

Fun Fact

Not for nothing is this tequila called ‘Ocho’ (eight in English). Consider this: it takes an average of eight years for the agaves to ripen for use in Ocho and eight days from when the agaves reach the distillery until it becomes finished blanco tequila. And guess what? It takes eight kilos of agave to make one litre of Ocho. If that wasn’t reason enough to give the spirit its name, the fact that it was the eighth sample Tomas Estes tasted from the eight brothers and sisters who make up the Camarenas family (now in its eighth decade of tequila making) probably sealed the deal.


Rose Margarita

40ml Ocho Blanco
10ml Cointreau or Triple Sec
50ml pomegranate juice
Juice of 3 lime wedges

Shake all ingredients and double strain. Pour into a tall glass with rock ice and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of fresh rosemary.

Classic Ocho Margarita

50ml Ocho Blanco
25ml Triple Sec
25ml fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients and serve on the rocks or straight up in a half salted rimmed glass and garnish with a slice of fresh lime.

The Details


40% ABV, £18.68 for 50cl bottle. Available from

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