Daniel Baernreuther, Salim Khoury, Victor Gower, Peter Dorelli and Erik Lorincz

Raise your glass to The Savoy, celebrating its 122nd birthday today; better still, get down to The American Bar and drink in the history. It’ll be worth it, on offer will be the fantastic Savoy Century Punch jointly created by four generations of Head Bartenders from The American Bar including Victor Gower (1946-1985), Peter Dorelli (1980-2003), Salim Khoury (1986-2007) and current Head Bartender, Erik Lorincz and Bar Manager, Daniel Baernreuther. All were present at the photocall this morning and we were lucky enough to join them…

“A drink for an occasion like this had to be gin-based as we’re in London,” Erik told us. “And it definitely had to be a punch to bring everyone together.” The delicious mix of Bombay Dry, Bombay Sapphire, quince liqueur, kirsch eau de vie, pink grapefruit juice, rosebud infusion, lemon juice and sugar syrup is the perfect balance for easy summer drinking, we know, we tried it and we can vouch for the fact that it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Erik serves up the Savoy Century Punch

If the classics are more your thing, they don’t come much better than the cocktails on offer for today only. The very special 122nd Anniversary of the Savoy menu features eleven signature cocktails from each of the Head Bartenders including Ada Coleman’s classic Hanky Panky (created for Sir Charles Hawtrey), the Corpse Reviver from Harry Craddock (who published The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930), Joe Gilmore’s Moonwalk (invented to celebrate the moon landing in 1969 and sent to NASA in a flask) and Erik Lorincz’s latest recipe, Green Park.

And the celebrations are not restricted to London. Erik has heard from barmen from Paris, India, Taiwan, Argentina and Slovakia who will be mixing up their favourite drinks from The Savoy Cocktail Book. Why not join them?

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