In A Nutshell

A Canadian vodka made with pure Arctic ice water from the polar region.


What They Say

“12,000 years ago the Earth’s snow was truly pure. These naturally pure icebergs are harvested and blended with select botanical ingredients. The result is a unique, premium vodka that discriminating connoisseurs will truly appreciate.”

What We Say:

Ms S says

There’s not too much to say about the taste of vodka, that’s why I prefer gin. Mind you, this one isn’t too bad – it’s nice and easy on the nose and smooth and silky on the palate. Call me a sucker for advertising but I’m convinced I do get that clean, pure taste they keep banging on about. And there’s strength too – it doesn’t hang around long but it’s there, making a good martini for vodka drinker, gin lovers will find it a little more 2-D.

Mr G says

It has an almost creamy quality on the nose and this feeling continues when tasted with a smooth, rounded, full in the mouth texture. There’s a sense of sweetness and a gentle heat in the finish. These qualities work well to produce an easy drinking Dry Martini. They should also make a good key ingredient for vodka-based cocktails.

Fun Fact

To help with the harvesting of the icebergs, from which the water used to make Iceberg is derived, the crew often play loud (rock) music to break the ice with sound waves.


Iceberg Vodkatini

(no measurements given)
Iceberg vodka chilled down to -22 celsius
Chilled Ice Wine to replace vermouth


Gently stir then serve in a frozen martini glass. Garnish with a silver skinned onion marinated in sugar water.

Lady Mary/Bloody Caeser

(no measurements given)
Thyme infused Iceberg vodka
Fresh yellow tomato juice
Fresh horseradish
Worcestershire sauce
Fresh lemon juice
Celery sea salt
Cracked black pepper.


Build ingredients according to taste, Garnish with a red radish.

The Details


40% ABV, £25.75 for 7ocl bottle. Available from

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