British Fraise

In A Nutshell

Fresh, fruity alcoholic mixer made with strawberry juice from Herefordshire


What They Say

“Delicious summery mixers made with locally grown strawberry juice. The juice is naturally fermented using champagne yeast and thanks to this very natural process, produces mixers with an intense but fresh taste.”

What We Say:

Ms S says

We first heard of Jo Hilditch and her fruity creations through Joe McCanta at Saf. The next time we came across the drink Nick Strangeway was serving up it up at Hix. We’re not saying these two great barmen renowned for their love of natural ingredients sealed the deal on the taste-front but their endorsements certainly piqued our interest. This deliciously light, delightfully fragrant strawberry alcoholic mixer is perfect for this time of year – it’s refreshing, not too sweet and bursting with fruity goodness. Even better, it’s best at its simplest topped with tonic water, so just the ticket when you’re catering for crowds.

Mr G says

The thing that is really striking about this drink is just how much it really tastes of the actual fruit. It’s intense, it’s natural and has a really satisfying feel in the mouth. I’m not sure that I would really want to drink it as it comes with ice, but it works well with tonic. Better still I’m looking forward to experimenting with it – I think it will sit well with gin and vodka, maybe even tequila  and white rum.

Fraise and Tonic

Fun Fact

For many years Jo Hilditch and her family were suppliers to Ribena. It was only after the company pulled back their contract that the berries could be found in Jo Hilditch British Cassis. Now there are five different alcoholic mixers being made with fruit and berries from Herefordshire.











Fraise and Tonic

I measure of British Fraise
Peach slice


Add the Fraise to a chilled Collins glass, add tonic and top with crushed ice. Garnish with fruit.

The Details


13% ABV, £13.50 for 375ml bottle. Available from

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