Southern Comfort meets Tabasco to make the World’s Hottest Shot

Southern Comfort plus Tabasco equals Cajun Thunder

What do you get if you add Tabasco to a shot of Southern Comfort? The answer is Cajun Thunder. The idea being to add as many drops of the sauce to the shot as you dare. The ingredients in the Southern Comfort allow the Tabasco to deliver the heat without hanging around too long in the mouth which is apparently when the problems with peppers usually start. As for the taste, the Tabasco combines neatly with the sweet orange and spice flavours of the Southern Comfort as well as adding quite an appealing warmth to the finish.

Pre-tasting warm-up act

And to make things even spicier we were also invited to try the World’s Hottest Shot with 27, yes 27, drops of Tabasco. (Ask yourself this: how many drops do you normally add to your Bloody Mary to get some idea of the heat generating from the glass.) Oh, and by the way we’re not talking about the regular old Tabasco but its even hotter brother Habanero Sauce.

Whereas as the former which most of us know comes in at 2,500-5,000 Scoville units, the latter is a hefty 7,000-12,000 units. Now we’re not saying we understand the science behind Scoville units but we do know that they’re used to measure just how hot different peppers are. And even we can tell that 7,000-12,000 sounds a lot hotter than 2,500-5,000…

So with water and milk on hand in case of any mouth-numbing side effects, we gave the World’s Hottest Shot a go. The big surprise was just how subtle the heat was and once again the sweetness and spice combined well for a surprisingly rounded drink.

Be warned though, we would advise staying with the Cajun Thunder itself and starting with just a few drops of the hot stuff and taking it from there.

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