L.T.D. Espresso Martini

Take one of the best mixologists on the circuit, put him together with a bar impresario and leave in a room to develop an idea. Next add a committee of fellow drinks geeks, sprinkle with a few journalists and stir together to create one of the best new concepts for cocktail fans and connoisseurs alike.

L.T.D. at The Social is genius in its simplicity. Instead of the arsenal of bottles lining your average bar, this limited-run operation offers just one branded spirit in each category. So no messing around deciding whether to go for Bombay or Tanqueray, the decision has been made for you. If it’s gin you want, you’ll be getting Beefeater London Dry. Job done. The same goes for whisky (Jameson), rum (Havana 7 year-old), brandy (Courvoisier), vodka (Stolichnaya) and agave (Ocho Blanco tequila).

L.T.D. Mint Julep

It’s all down to Dre Masso and Eric Yu who had the idea to simplify the drinks offering over a boozy session one evening. What if there was a bar that only offered the best of the best? And what if ‘the best’ was decided by the most respected names around? Enter the heavyweights including Peter Dorelli, Ago Perrone, Dick Bradsell, Salvatore Calabrese, Nick Strangeway, Henry Besant and Jared Brown. The panel of 20 had to choose five of their favourite brands from each of the six major spirit groups, then blind taste the shortlisted three, before deciding on an overall winner in each category.

“With L.T.D we aim to cut through the brand-speak and get back to what bars should be founded, and judged, upon – the best drinks, served by the best in the business,” said Dre at the launch. “So you won’t be asked to pick from hundreds of similar sounding rums, feel pressured to order a suitably expensive vodka or get your head around fancy filtration or distillation terms.”

L.T.D. Moscow Mule

And with the business of choosing your spirit out of the way, you can get on with enjoying the programme of events including a Lomography photo exhibition and weekly Desert Island Discs where everyone from Peter Dorelli to The Cocktail Lovers (yes, us!) will be playing the tracks that shaped their careers.

Come and join us from 7pm on 1st November to hear a few of our guilty pleasures, ranging from pop to hip-hop, New Romantics to disco. Dancing around a handbag is optional. Quality cocktails are guaranteed.

L.T.D. at The Social runs until 31st December 2011.
5 Little Portland Street, W1W 7JD. T: 020 7636 4992. thesocial.com

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