Sherry Cobbler on the menu at Hawksmoor, setting the trend for lighter drinks

January is gazing into crystal ball time, so we thought we’d have some fun coming up with our own drinks predictions for the year ahead. (Check back in December to see whether or not we cut it in the psychic department…)

Aperitivio-style cocktails

Let’s hear it for lighter, aperitif-based drinks particularly as we ease out of the Christmas slump and toy with the idea of detoxing. Herbaceous aperitifs like Noilly Prat, Campari, Aperol and the complex artichoke-based Cynar will no longer play a supporting role in cocktails but will be propelled to the limelight instead. Try them in sours, cobblers, simple and delicious spritzes; as for Noilly Prat, drink it neat with a couple of cubes of ice and a slice of lemon for a refreshing change.

Disco drinks

Dust down your platforms, the disco days are back! We’re talking cocktails you thought had been banished to the naughty corner of the bar – creamy combos like the Pina Colada as well as the blended daiquiri. But don’t go turning your nose up, the modern retro drink may take its inspiration from the Eighties but thanks to quality ingredients and A1 bartenders, turns them into things of pure perfection. Try the Nuclear Banana Daiquiri at Hawksmoor Guildhall and we think like us, you’ll be convinced. John Travolta-style white suit optional.

Food and cocktail matching

It’s a difficult one to pull off but we think that bartenders will get even more cheffy, devising well balanced, carefully constructed cocktails to enjoy not before, not after but with meals. Chardonnay, your days are numbered…

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