Tom, Andrea and Ian from Callooh Callay (p. 26)

We were proud of the launch issue of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine but we’re thrilled to bits with the follow-up. For starters, it’s more than doubled in size and secondly, it’s got a fresh and funky facelift which captures The Cocktail Lovers vibe absolutely perfectly.

So that’s the aesthetics out of the way, the big question is: what’s inside? That’s equally exciting… Like issue one, our quarterly digital mag embraces all aspects of cocktail lifestyle. Nothing poncy mind, drinks are all about fun and good times after all. So we’ve kept it light, fun and engaging whilst retaining an informative edge.

Height Society (p. 16)

At least we like to think so. Judge for yourself as you flick through the 54 pages which encompass news, events, recipes and stylish bits of kit for home bars. As for features, we count down to Diageo Reserve Brands World Class UK 2012, check out scenic views from the loftiest bars in London and talk to Dan Edelstyn about how he founded a vodka brand after rummaging around in his mother’s attic. On the interview front, Rebekkah Dooley talks to Mr Tequila, Tomas Estes about his love of the spirit while we catch up with five women who have made it to the top of the drinks industry.

Squeezy does it (p. 24)

And like any self-respecting lifestyle magazine, we’ve included fashion – six pages of it, featuring five of the fabulous folk from Callooh Callay. We reckon if ever they tire of working behind the bar, they can always strike a pose for a living, they were absolute naturals. In addition, we have restaurant reviews, travel and party pages – all with a cocktail slant, of course.

Issue 2 of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine is free to download here and this time round, you can read it on your iPad or iPhone as well (other tablets and Smartphones do the job, too). We hope you enjoy it. And after you’ve read it, please do us a favour and let us know what you think – all comments and suggestions welcome.



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