Salvatore Calabrese’s Easter Flip

Impress your guests this Easter with this delicious, very impressive looking Flip from The Maestro, Salvatore Calabrese. Here he gives his tips how to make it…

“Dating right back to the 17th century, The Flip featured beaten egg, sugar, spices, rum and hot ale. To make this delicious concoction, the innkeeper would mull the mixture with a hot iron ‘loggerhead’ before serving it. There is no doubt that the cocktail has changed dramatically since then and it is now a short drink, served cold with a sprinkling of nutmeg. True to form it can be made with any spirit and an egg yolk.

“When I hold my Easter cocktail brunch, my special Easter twist on the Flip is the piece de resistance…so if you want to make one at home and impress friends or loved ones this Easter, keep reading!

“I usually pick up a free range egg (as large as possible) and cut the egg very gently and evenly around the top to create a lid….if you are skilful, don’t separate the lid fully from the shell so when the cocktail is complete, you can close the lid and create an air of mystery. Pre-prepare the egg shell the night before by popping it into the fridge or freezer so it is chilled.”

My Flip consists of:

25ml of dark aged rum
25ml of Marsala (Italian sweet wine…I am Italian after all!)
1 egg-yolk
2 teaspoons of caster sugar (if you have a sweet tooth…one if not!)
10ml of white chocolate liquor
1 pinch of grated nutmeg.

Place all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice – and shake long and sharp to allow the egg to bond with the liquid before straining into the shell. Once complete, you can place the filled egg into an egg-cup to present…but not before you grate chocolate to garnish – I like to use white chocolate for the ladies and dark for the gentlemen!

“Then you are ready… close the lid so they don’t know what to expect and watch their faces as this adult surprise is revealed.”

Cocktail recipe by Salvatore Calabrese. To sample his creations, visit Salvatore’s Bar, Old Park Lane, W1K 1ND. T: 020 7491 8586.

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