Easy does it with a caipirinha

So, Mr Sunshine has finally popped by to say hello – we’re not being ungrateful but really, it’s about bloody time. If you’re looking for something cool, delicious and devilishly simple to serve alongside the obligatory barbie, try mixing up a caipirinha. Here’s a recipe from Rio born, Brasil enthusiast David Ponté from Cabana that works a treat every time…

1 lime
2 tsp granulated sugar
A handful of ice cubes
Cachaça (we like Sagatiba but if you fancy something lighter, try Salto at 24% abv)


1. Cut one lime into quarters and put in a tumbler with 2 tsps granulated sugar. Using a small rolling pin (or muddler if you have one) squeeze as much juice out of the lime as possible.

2. Bash a few ice cubes into medium sized pieces, not too small, and add to the tumbler.

3. Top up to the brim with cachaça, stir, and enjoy.

David Ponte’s tip:

The secret to a good caipirinha is in the ice, try not to crush too small or it will melt too quickly. Drink without a straw.


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