Zubrowka at the Wilderness Festival

It’s not all about the Olympics. There are other things going on too. Like the Wilderness Festival taking place at the breathtakingly beautiful Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire this weekend (10-12 August). Thanks to our friends at Zubrowka we have a pair of weekend camping tickets worth £129 each to give away. And the weatherman says we’re in for a treat…

While fun is very much on the menu, this celebration of the arts and outdoors is a cultured affair. Enjoy banquets under canopies, midnight masked balls, barefoot dancing, parkland processions, plenty of music and of course, quality drinks. Zubrowka will be mixing things up on the cocktail front as well as providing visual entertainment with illustrations by Kristjana S Williams and the Zubrowka ensemble of woodland performers, led by immersive theatre guru Gideon Reeling.

The performances will bring to life the legend of Zubrowka’s bison grass-infused vodka and its roots in the Europe’s last primeval forest – Poland’s wild Bialowieza.

To enter the competition for a chance to win two weekend tickets to the Wilderness Festival, please answer the question below on our Facebook page:

What is mixed with Zubrowka to create a Tatanka cocktail?

  1.      Ginger ale
  2.      Mango juice
  3.      Apple juice

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 7 August at 12pm.

Follow Zubrowka on Twitter @ZubrowkaUK and at Facebook.com/zubrowkaUK for further Wilderness news and chances to win.


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  1. Keith Paggett

    Apple juice, and it’s very nice! Now, can I see Wilco, please?


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