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One of the things we’ve learned during the short time we’ve been rambling on about cocktails and lifestyle is this: Ron Zacapa rum is quality stuff. That goes for everything from the way its creator Lorena Vásquez blends the spirit to produce what what we like to think of as silk in liquid form right through to the tutorials and food pairings the company undertakes. There’s more though. Ron Zacapa prides itself on giving back to its community. Hence the hand-woven petate bands that caress the neck of the bottles. Each has been created by artisan women in Guatemala to represent the craftsmanship that goes into the premium rum and provided the stimulus for the sexy, smart and truly stunning corset created by Tamara Ralph of Ralph & Russo for Couture for a Cause.

Tamara’s sketches of the corset inspired by the petate bands

We love clothes and fine dining as much as we love cocktails, in fact we think the three go hand-in-hand. Joy-oh-joy, all came together in very spectacular fashion at Lingerie London in the rather swanky setting of Old Billingsgate Market earlier this week. Hosted by Patrick Kielty and Dawn Porter the gala was all about raising money for Seven Bar Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation set up with the specific aim to help women out of poverty and into business.

Zacapa provided the cocktails (a rather fine spiced Daiquiri, a perky apple and pear presse served long, or simply neat for those who prefer to taste it in its unadulterated form) and also the inspiration for the one-off corset inspired by said petate bands. “Once I learned that the band adorning the Zacapa bottle was the vehicle fuelling the livelihoods of artisan women in Guatemala, I was inspired to get involved,” says designer to the stars Ralph. “Remembering how important my first break was, I wanted to share my craft to redirect the attention of the luxury industry to other female artisans of the world who share a similar passion and dedication for the woven craft but who are amongst the 60% living disadvantaged lives.”

Zacapa cocktails: with UK Brand Ambassador Daniel Dove and Chris O’Dowd

“Through our social cause we’re focused on changing the lives of 250,000 people by providing women their first break.” said Jorge Araujo, Zacapa Global Marketing Director. “We are thrilled to align with Ralph & Russo to create a one of a kind piece to make a unique impact to empower women and shine a spotlight on the value of craftsmanship.” We’ll raise our glasses to that.

The petate band on the Zacapa bottle


Ron Zacapa Apple & Pear Press

50ml Ron Zacapa23
10ml Poire William eau de vie
5ml cinnamon liqueur
70ml freshly pressed apple juice
2 drops of chocolate bitters

Shake all ingredients and pour into a pre-chilled highball glass. Garnish with caramelised apple slices.

Zacapa Spiced Daiquiri

50ml Ron Zacapa 23
5ml green Chartreuse
25ml fresh lime juice
15ml sugar syrup

Shake all ingredients and double strain into chilled martini glass.

Recipes created by Daniel Dove, Ron Zacapa Brand Ambassador

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