Master Distiller Jamie Baxter at the City of London Distillery

Great news for those of us on the look-out for something new and interesting on the drinks front, the first working distillery  in the city for 200 years is opening for business on Monday.

Called the City of London Distillery (and why not? That’s exactly what it is), it promises to be top of the must-visit list for all serious drinks fans. You’ll be able to sample the Gin Experience during the day, checking out the two handsome copper stills which will provide the focal point of the new venture; book up for a range of tailor-made masterclasses including tours of the distillery; behind-the-scenes look at how spirits are produced or cocktail classes, and make the most of the bespoke service to create your own spirit. Result! In the evening, you can make yourself comfortable at the bar and get down to the serious business of sampling the spirits.

The bar at the City of London Distillery

Take your pick from the City of London vodka, City of London gin (both made on the premises) or choose from the 140 or so bottles of the juniper spirit. We’re looking forward to trying the menu of customisable gin flights and recommended serves with a cool range of tonics and garnishes to go with.

See you there!

The City of London Distillery (COLD) opens on Monday 5th November. Admission free.
22-24 Bride Lane, EC4Y 8DT. T: 020 7936 3636.

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