If you’re entertaining at home on New Year’s Eve, park the cocktails to one side and reach for the fizzy stuff. But go for a touch of drama. We’ll be trying our hand at creating one of those fancy Champagne Towers now on the menu at the ultimate good time glamour bar Baroque in Mayfair. Owner Gerry Calabrese tells us how:

• Before starting, make sure you only use coupette glasses and that they’re all the same size.
• When building your tower ensure all glasses are ‘kissing’ each other when assembled in each layer.
• Build the tower on a solid table top – then get set to impress!

For a champagne tower of 42 glasses:

1. Place one coupette glass in the centre and surround it with five glasses and in turn surround these with glasses to create a flower shape of 19 glasses at the base.

2. Carefully build the second tier which should comprise of 12 glasses.

3. The third tier will comprise of seven glasses on top

4. The fourth tier will require three glasses

5. Finally, place the last coupette on top before finally pouring the champagne into the top glass and letting it flow into the coupettes below.

If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, get Gerry to do it for you at:

Baroque at Playboy Club London, 14 Old Park Lane, W1K 1ND. T: 020 7514 9000. baroquemayfair.com.

Happy New Year!

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