Fine wines for your Christmas table

Buck’s Fizz at breakfast, a Bloody Mary while opening the pressies, egg nog to keep your calorie consumption up, an Old-Fashioned to sip and savour as you doze throughout the evening film; cocktails rule throughout Christmas Day but come lunchtime it’s all about wine. But which goes best with turkey? What should we crack open to complement a perfectly cooked goose or caveman-style rib of beef? We didn’t have a clue so we called on the top supermarkets to get their tips on the best Christmas wines for cocktail lovers…

Going for goose

You need something with a good level of acidity to cut through the strong, fatty almost gamey taste of the goose. A red like Pinot Noir works well, so too does a gutsy Rioja or Burgundy. If you’re serving your goose with a fruity stuffing, try a quality Riesling or Alsace gewürztraminer.

ARA Pathway Pinot Noir (£10.99 down to £8.99 until 6 January), Morrisons
Bouchard Aîné et Fils Red Burgundy 2010/11  (£9.99 to £7.49 from 5th December to 2nd January), Waitrose
Finest Chateau Fonguillon St Emillion 2009, £9.99, Tesco
Taste the Difference Vinedos Barrihuelo Rioja Crianza, (£8.99 down to £5.99), Sainsbury’s

Tipples for turkey

Go for a red, something rich enough to take on the various trimmings on your plate but not too heavy that it overpowers the turkey. Pinot Noir, Zinfandel or even a Beaujolais work well. If you must go white, try a Voignier, Sauvignon Blanc or white Burgundy, all of which are more than a match for the main event.

Bouchard Aîné et Fils Red Burgundy 2010/11  (£9.99 to £7.49 from 5th December to 2nd January), Waitrose
Columbine Reserve Chardonnay, £9.99, Morrisons
Finest Chablis Grande Cuvee 2011 (£9.99 down to £6.00 to 1st January), Tesco
Finest Fleurie 2011 (£9.99 down to £6.00 to 1st January), Tesco
Saint Romain Burgundy 2010, £12.99, Marks & Spencer
Taste the Difference Crozes-Hermitage 2009, £9.79, Sainsbury’s

Fitou Reserve from Morrisons

Bring on the beef

Big boy wines like Clarets, red Bordeaux and tip-top Cabernet Sauvignon work well with a juicy rib of beef. You can also try cracking open the Merlot.

Bouchard Savigny les Beaune, Burgundy £16.99, Waitrose
Finest Viña Mara Reserva 2007 (£9.99 down to £8.00 to 1st Jan), Tesco
Fitou Reserve, £8.99, Morrisons
Marques del Romeral, Rioja, 2007, £16.99, Marks & Spencer
Taste the Difference St. Joseph 2009, £13.49, Sainsbury’s

Perfect with pud

Time for the Tawny ports and sumptuous Madeiras, alternatively try an unctuous Sauterne or honeyed Muscat.

House Dessert Wine, £3.99 (half bottle), Sainsbury’s
Single Harvest Malmsey Madeira Wine, 2001, £17.99, Marks & Spencer
Yalumba Liquer Muscat, £12.10, Morrisons

Celebrate with Champagne

Scoring top marks in the ‘Which’ best non-vintage Champagnes to drink at Christmas is this well-priced sparkler from Sainsbury’s, described as ‘a rich and rounded Champagne with classic character – a creamy texture with savoury, nutty and toasty flavours.’ Pop a few bottles in your shopping trolley pronto.

Blanc de Noirs, £20.99, Sainsbury’s

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