Blimey, those World Class contestants might not make life easy for themselves with their complex creations but they do know how to craft a corker of a drink. Justyn Bell shares his entry for the Australian leg of the Global competition. You can vote for his recipe below:

Justyn describes his cocktail as “a meeting of the world class Ketel One Citron, with the fruit steeped in spices of the east, a fusion of the sweet and spice of Australian life with a little cider from my homeland of the United Kingdom, this is a Superfruits Cosmopoliton for the new generation.”

Ketel One Citron East meets West

60ml Ketel One Citron
20ml of Cider Vinegar Thai-spiced syrup (infusion of Acai berries, Galangal, coriander seeds, and a cider reduction invigorated with cider vinegar)
20ml lemon
15ml egg white

Pour all ingredients into a two piece stainless steel shaker, dry shake and fill with ice and hard shake again. Fine strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a single edible flower and a discarded lemon twist. Serve with a pork pie or smoked eel placed on top of a quenelle of beetroot relish on a rice cake crisp, garnished with a Thai basil leaf.

Vote for Justyn’s recipe here:

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