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We’ve got insider information

A day at the races might be fun but a night at the races with Monkey Shoulder is waaayyy better.

Forget hanging about in the cold waiting for the next race to start and losing all your money to some wide boy bookie while wishing you could blag your way into the winner’s enclosure. Malt Jockey is the latest For One Night Only event from Monkey Shoulder and is happening at a secret East London location on the 21st March.

Of course there will be fabulous Monkey Shoulder cocktails including Old Fashioneds, Brewskis and, our favourite, the Malt Jockey itself – a tasty take on the classic Manhattan. There will also be street food and music. But here’s the best bit, you actually get to ride in the races. Don’t worry if you’ve never slung your leg over a thoroughbred or can’t tell your furlong from your handicap, all the racing at Malt Jockey is going to take place on an 8 lane, 30 foot Scalextrics track. Bonkers? Maybe. Fun? You bet.

Just choose your partner and saddle up for the Tag Team Races.

Making the perfect cocktail – straight from the horse’s mouth

As if that little lot wasn’t enough we can put you in the way of another good thing if you mention our names. On the night you can also hang out in the winners enclosure with ace cocktail thoroughbreds Dean Callan (Monkey Shoulder Global Brand Ambassador) and Grant Neave (Monkey Shoulder UK Brand Ambassador) who will personally train you in the finer points of mixing the Monkey Shoulder cocktail of your choice.

“Free tickets” you say?

Malt Jockey is already sold out but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the racing action. Thanks to some insider information (strictly legit of course) we’ve got 10 pairs of tickets for our lucky punters. Each pair of tickets is worth £30 and includes 3 cocktails per person, food as well as that exclusive cocktail mixing training in the winner’s enclosure.

Just drop us an email with the subject line  “At The Races” with your name and the name of your chosen racing partner for the Tag Team Races, and get them to do the same – making sure you’ve both ticked the “keep in touch” box (we’ll only send nice cocktail stuff and don’t share details with any nasty 3rd parties). Both of you then go into the draw and if either you or your stablemate are pulled out of the jockey’s cap you both win.

And they’re off!

Send us your details and you could be heading down the home straight as a Malt Jockey winner.

Click here for chance to win a pair a tickets to Malt Jockey (remember to name your Tag Team partner and get them to enter too).

You and your guest must be over 18.

The Malt Jockey

The Malt Jockey

Malt Jockey

40ml Monkey Shoulder
30ml sweet vermouth
10ml maraschino liqueur
3 dashes chocolate bitters

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a twist of orange.

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