Ian Burrell world's first pop-up rum shack in Antartica

The world’s coolest pop-up rum shack (literally)

We know Mr Ian Burrell likes to spread the rum word far and wide  – in fact, we recently we suggested he should wear a tour T-shirt featuring all his upcoming travel dates. But even we were a little surprised when we heard about his latest destination…

Travelling across three continents, two oceans and several thousand miles Burrell’s latest trek sees him heading for Antartica. Why? To build a pop-up rum shack obviously. Yes, the Global Rum Ambassador is about to serve up tropical rum cocktails to both the local community and the 40 strong expedition crew – all in sub-zero conditions.

While a rum shack in Antartica is a world first it’s not simply an eccentric trip. The expedition also has a very serious side, namely to raise money for the charity Wine To Water, the non-profit organisation which helps fight the world’s water crisis. Since 2004 this fantastic charity has worked across 15 countries, providing clean water to people in need around the globe. It’s shocking but true that today nearly one billion people lack access to adequate water and 2.5 billion have no access to improved sanitation. Wine To water is dedicated to addressing this.

Having spent the last 10 years spreading the gospel of rum throughout the world, visiting Antarctica seemed like the next natural step to bring rum to an entirely new destination and audience,” says Ian. “I am thrilled to be travelling with an expedition of 40 fellow adventurers to build the local community their very own pop up rum shack and for a fantastic cause. All money raised will go towards the Wine to Water campaign that will ultimately transform people’s lives by providing running clean water and raising the global water crisis”.

Ian sets sail on 25th March and we will be bringing you further news of what will literally be the world’s coolest pop-up rum shack. Best of luck Ian. There’ll certainly be no shortage of ice for your cocktails…



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