The perfect drink beings with premium ingredients. That goes for everything from a superb cup of coffee right through to the greatest tasting cocktails. It’s this premise that has guided the Giffard family for generations from the birth of the company almost 130 years ago right through to the present day.

It began in 1885 when dispensing pharmacist and gastronomist Emile Giffard decided to explore the restorative and digestive properties of fresh mint. The result? Menthe-Pastille – a clear, herbal liqueur with a delightfully refreshing menthol finish. It was an instant success with local Frenchmen wanting to cool down on a hot day and is now enjoyed around the world on its own and in some very special cocktails.

Since then the family passion for experimentation and creativity has resulted in an award-winning range of liqueurs and syrups that continue to draw upon fresh, natural ingredients of the highest quality inspiring the world’s mixologists and baristas to create liquid magic.

“Producing great flavour is an art,” says Bruno Giffard. Just as a cocktail is a mix of flavours, so too is the blend of ingredients in a liqueur or syrup.  “It does not matter if it is mint, apples, pears or oranges, they must always be fresh and of the very highest quality.  Only then will the delicate flavours and aromas combine and fill the senses”.

This idea is so fundamental to Giffard that it can be found in the company’s new advertising campaign. The first press ads of the new campaign will break this quarter and will all carry the strap line: “The best ingredient is always flavour”.  The campaign aims to reach the world’s professional bartenders and mixologists with the singular idea that to do their best work, they need to choose the best ingredients.

Simple but true.


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