You don’t have to be American to celebrate Independence Day but obviously it helps. Restaurants and bars up and down the country will be offering up their versions of star spangled delights today, however if you’re more of a D.I.Y-er here are a few US-flavoured cocktail recipes you can whip up at home.

Cocktails to celebrate Independence Day

Cocktails to celebrate Independence Day

New Orleans Fizz:

– 3 parts gin

– 1 parts lemon juice

– 1 part lime juice

– 1 cream

– 1 part egg white

– 1 part sugar syrup

– 1 part soda

A dash of orange flower water


Shake for 10 minutes without ice. It should be all foam – like an alcoholic cloud.

Recipe from The Riding House Cafe

The Patriot:

– 50ml Sazerac Rye Whiskey

– 8 fresh mint leaves

– 10ml simple syrup

– Dash plum bitters

– Club Soda


Pour the Sazerac Rye Whisky into a glass (if you can’t get hold of this, look for something with a high rye content). Add mint leaves, then add simple sugar syrup, followed by a dash of plum bitters. Fill the cup with cracked ice. Top with club soda and garnish with mint sprig and a straw.

Recipe from The Blues Kitchen.

Star Spangled Banner:

– 150 ml Bootlegger Whiskey

– 150 ml fresh lemon juice

– 50ml simple syrup

– A few dashes of Creole Bitters

– 1 whole Star fruit

– Soda


Prepare the star fruit by cutting it across. Use 2/3 of this to stick around the edges of the glass bowl and keep the rest for later. Shake whisky, lemon juice and simple sugars in a cocktail shaker. Put the cracked ice into your punchbowl. Pour the mix over the ice. Top with soda. Top with Creole Bitters (this adds both flavour and a red dash for aesthetics) Garnish with the remaining star fruit.

Recipe from The Blues Kitchen.

The Cocktail Lovers say:

Our pick for tip-top American-style cocktails on Independence Day? NOLA in Shoreditch. Dan Priseman and James Triffo’s recently opene0 and much lauded bar serves up southern drinks with East London swagger. Get stuck in to New Orleans classics like the Ramos Gin Fizz, Hurricane and Sazerac, or try new recipes created by Priseman and his team. 68 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY.

This week we’re loving:

The inspiring new Character Cocktails on the menu at the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy. Four new delicious drinks inspired by a handful of its famous historical guests, including Coco Chanel, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemingway. Each one is served with theatrical flourish in era-specific glassware from an elegant bespoke trolley. Just the ticket for celebrations.

The Savoy, Strand, WC2R 0EU.

Written for The Independent Dish of the Day blog 4/7/2013

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