Psst! Here’s a heads-up to London bartenders: the next time a customer asks you to recommend a vodka of your choice, they just might be the Quintessentially Vodka Mystery Customer.

From December 1st, someone – it might be a man, it could be a woman; they might be young and funky or perhaps they will be business style and suited and booted – whoever it is will be visiting bars, restaurants and hotels in the capital asking bartenders for their vodka of choice. Nothing extraordinary about that but, here’s the bit worth knowing about: the hundredth one to recommend Quintessentially Vodka will be rewarded with a none too shabby £5,000 on the spot. In cash!

It’ll help if you know something about Quintessentially Vodka, so here’s the top line:

a) It’s produced in one of the oldest continuous working distilleries in Britain.
b) Maximum respect is given to the bottles: each one is handled by staff wearing white cotton gloves to keep it in pristine condition.
c) Quintessentially Vodka is made from organic wheat and pure English water.
d) It comes in a very sexy matt black bottle.
e) Give it a sip and discover the smooth, clean taste for yourself.

See quintessentiallyspirits.com for more details

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