Will was the winner of The Chivas Masters, Edinburgh heatHe’s mixing and shaking at The Bon Vivant, likes a classic Bobby Burns and enjoyed creating a weird concept for the competition…

How did you become a bartender?

As with most bartenders I know I fell into the profession through part-time work whilst studying. Studying fell by the wayside soon after!

What is your definition of a classic cocktail?

I would define a classic cocktail as a drink that’s timeless, simple and can be made the world over.

What is your classic cocktail of choice?

That’s always a tough one, factors like time of day, humidity, state of body and mind all have an affect on choice. I do however love Jerry Thomas’ Japanese Cocktail.

What appealed to you about The Chivas
Masters competition?

The format and openness of The Chivas Masters was the main thing that appealed to me. I knew we were going to see lots of interesting and different interpretations of cocktail eras.

Which of the four periods (The Classic Age, The Post-War Boom, The Disco Years and The Age of Revivalism) did you enjoy?

Probably The Classic Age, I love the pure clean styles and the adaptation of a few ingredients into myriad different drinks.

Which of your four cocktails are you proudest of and why?

Probably my ‘Bloody Battle’. It was a weird concept for me and I was just glad it worked.

Will Cox, winner: The Chivas Masters, Edinburgh heat

Will Cox, winner: The Chivas Masters, Edinburgh heat

Which famous person, living or dead, real or
fictional, from the four periods would you like to make one of your four cocktails for?

Probably somebody like the king of cool Steve McQueen. I’d make him any of my drinks. He knew the score.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy Chivas?

I like Chivas either neat or in Scotch classics such as the Bobby Burns.

What’s your recipe for a simple Chivas cocktail for people to make at home?

Bobby Burns. Stir 50ml Chivas 12, 15ml sweet vermouth, 5ml Benedictine and two dashes of orange bitters. Serve straight up with an orange twist.

What are you most looking forward to about the final?

It’ll be interesting to see how bartenders from around the UK have interpreted the brief.

The Chivas Masters is…


Bloody Battle, Will's

Bloody Battle, Will’s ‘Weird Concept’

The People’s Choice

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Will joins the other seven finalists in the The Chivas Masters UK Final in London on 3rd June.

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The Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition


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