The day started with all 14 bartenders still hopeful they’d done enough to get through to the last five. It ended with one fab winner.

In between they had to be up at 7.30am to batch copious amounts of the cocktail they’d presented the night before. Why? Simple really. As well as the professional judging panel, each of the 100 or so guests attending the final would be invited to cast their vote.  And in order to do so, they had to taste all 14 cocktails. Don’t panic, they were diddy sizes, not full ones – remember folks: responsible drinking at all times.

Cue wafts of cucumber and vinegar mixed in with a plethora of ingredients adding an, ahem, interesting aroma to The Royal Suite of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

While the concentration was palpable at least working out how many ml’s of citrus is required to make several dozen sample sizes of their cocktail was a distraction. But only for a while. At the end of the morning the five contestants going through to the finals were announced:

A hearty cheer and round of applause please for:

Pictured clockwise from left:
Alexander Frezze Italy
Rémy Savage France
Richard Woods UK & Ireland
Julio Cabrera USA
Ayumi Tokunaga Japan

But who would win?*

What we learned today

Jonas Brandenborg Andersen’s prediction from day one was almost right. Two bartenders with full beards and one with a teeny triangular one made it through to the final. Random but true…

Quote of the day

“Over the past few days we’ve pushed you to be as creative and imaginative as possible and looking back to the global heats to what you achieved in your presentations last night, you’ve all done an amazing job,” – Raj Nagra, Bombay Sapphire Global Brand Ambassador.

Bartender of the day

Richard Woods. Representing not only UK but also Ireland he’s pulled out all the stops with his beautiful looking (and tasting) drink inspired by his visit to Laverstoke Mill. “Seeing all the foreign faces enjoying London and British culture during their visit has made me feel incredibly proud.” Us too Richard, us too.

Check back for a full round-up of the competition and the winning cocktails.

*PS You probably know the winner was Rémy Savage from Little Red Door in Paris but if you want to know about him and his wonderful cocktail, check back tomorrow.

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