All good bartenders love the taste of Woodford Reserve, right? What’s not to like about the premium small batch bourbon whiskey with its rich taste and heritage, distilled not once, not twice but three times in copper pot stills for your drinking pleasure?

It’s those distinct toffee and vanilla notes that come from the whiskey being left to mature slowly in new charred American oak barrels that do the trick. And its those same warming characteristics that make Woodford Reserve ideal for re-fashioning classic American cocktails.

Try this recipe for size…
Fill an infusion jar* with two bottles of Woodford Reserve and add:
2 cinnamon sticks
1 clove
1 star anise
Lemon and orange peels
A few raspberries
A few blackberries
A few sloe berries
Leave the liquid to stand in a cool, dry place for 10 days. Et voila! A  decidedly moreish drink with a complex, spicy and citrus finish that complements the bourbon whiskey perfectly.

*We have one branded Woodford Reserve Infusion Jar primed and ready to grace your back bar. Not only that, we’ll even add a bottle of  Woodford Reserve to get your infusion started. 

To enter, just drop us a line here with ‘Woodford Infusion Jar’ in the subject header, telling us what key ingredient you’d like to add to your infusion and how you’d serve it in your cocktails.

Entries must be received by 27th August and the winning bar will be notified by email on 29th August.

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