Every cocktail lover knows Martell, right? Not the ins and outs of the production process maybe but most adults of drinking age will be familiar with the iconic VS bottle. They’ll also know that said bottle contains one of the
finest cognacs around – why wouldn’t they? It’s a product that seems to have been with us forever.

Which is almost true. This year the house of Martell turns 300. And we think it would be rude for such a momentous occasion to pass by without a celebration. So on Friday 10th April we’re inviting you to ease out of your week and slip into the start of the weekend by joining us for a Very Special Evening in association with Martell Cognac.

Of course, the setting for a special evening is important and the Marx Room upstairs at the exclusive Quo Vadis in central London fits the bill perfectly. On arrival, you’ll be treated to welcome cocktails (created with Martell of course), followed by delicious canapés after which we’ll be showing you how to make our Very Special Ms S and Mr G cocktails created for the occasion.

Martell Cognac expert Matthias Lataille will also be on hand to guide us through a double tasting of Martell VS Cognac and the exclusive Martell Cordon Bleu LEB, the exquisite limited-edition bottle released to celebrate Martell’s 300th anniversary.

Fancy it? Tickets cost £10 and are available on a first come, first served basis. But hurry, there are only 26 places available. And do dress up, it’s a very special occasion after all…

For tickets, book here


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