Allow us to introduce you to Josh Reynolds from Hawksmoor Spitalfields. Josh gives good comp so we’re expecting great things from him and his re-imagined gin and tonic ‘The World Over’ at the semi-finals. Mind you, there are no slouches in this bunch – we guarantee it’s going to be a cracker of a day. Follow all the action on Twitter from 1pm on Monday.


What was it about the brief that appealed to you?

The chance to create and push my personal boundaries through experimentation. I’ve learnt even more through flavour combinations than I have before, it is something that I relish.

When and where did you experience your first gin and tonic?

Father, I have to say has always had gin and has always had tonic knocking about somewhere. However, I think my mother introduced me to the gin and tonic mixture. What a drink!

What’s your definition of the classic gin and tonic?

Fragrance is a big one for me, its key, iconic in its flavour, and refreshing all day, everyday.

And how do you describe your reimagined recipe?

Fragrant and inquisitive

What was the inspiration behind your drink?

Bombay Sapphire is so enriched with the finest botanicals and I wanted to play with them but not in the obvious way. They have searched far and wide for the best botanicals and I wanted my own imagination to run wild and search for my ingredients to fit with Bombay Sapphire in the best way possible.

Who would you like to see drinking it?

My father or grandfather and for them to tell me some stories I don’t know, basically let the world go by and not realise it.

One of the entry requirements was to submit an aerial shot/illustration of your cocktail, how much of an impact did this have on your recipe?

It made me think in a way I haven’t before, how will the drink look? what impact may it have? So yes, it made an impact on what kind of garnish I was going to use.

State which order the inspiration for your cocktail came to you: (a) name of cocktail; (b) image of your cocktail; (c) recipe.


What’s the one ingredient that makes your Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic unique?

Frankincense ‘Milk’

The theme of the competition is Find Sublime, what does this expression mean to you

Make it beautiful, make it meaningful.

Complete the following: Bombay Sapphire is…

A gin driven by immense passion – something I learnt from Master Distiller Nik Fordham.

Photography: Sean Ware

To read the In the hot seat sessions with the other semi-finalists and keep up-to-date with the competition, see here.

Bombay Sapphire’s World’s Most Imaginative Bartender UK final takes place at the Mondrian hotel on 30th March. Follow the action @BSapphireGinUK #wmibUK #findsublime

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