Nick Strangeway, Creative Director at Strange Hill, has created a special cocktail to salute the legendary Dick Bradsell. If you’re a bartender and there’s an unconventional thinker you’d like to celebrate here’s what you need to know to be in with a chance of winning a very special prize…

G’Vine Perspectives is a unique challenge. Create an original G’Vine cocktail to salute your chosen person – they can be anyone; artist, designer, philosopher, scientist, politician or someone from the drinks industry. They could be from the present or the past. They might be someone you know or someone you just wish you had met. Then make a short video about your chosen person and your serve. If you make the cut you’ll be heading off to France for five days, visiting Bordeaux, Cognac and Paris. The trip includes a visit to a family-run cognac house, a cooking workshop with a Michelin-starred chef, a gin-paired lunch at a top Paris restaurant, a nosing master class with one of the city’s leading fragrance houses, a poolside dinner party and hot air balloon ride.

You can see more about G’Vine Perspectives here and find full details on the G’Vine Perspectives website. Hurry, you’ve got just five days to go…

Created for Dick Bradsell, bartending legend

4 parts G’Vine Floraison gin
1 part La Quintinye Vermouth Royal extra dry vermouth
1 part dry sherry
1/2 part citric acid
1/2 part creme de cassis

Stir over ice for 20 revolutions and strain into a chilled martini glass, then garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Dick mades a lot waves.  He broke the mould, saying everyone deserves a good drink, that you should be able to get a good cocktail everywhere you go.” Nick Strangeway

Entries to G’Vine Perspectives close 10am GMT, Friday 22 May 2015.

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