L-R: Vasillis Kyritsis, Nikos Bakoulis, Daniel Dove, Zacapa Brand Ambassador

Calling all rum fans, drinks geeks and bartenders on the never-ending quest for inspiration – The Clumsies are coming to town. In short that means plenty of fun and informative chat and getting the lowdown on their super-cool adapted Zacapa Solera System.

First things first: if you haven’t heard of Vasillis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis aka The Clumsies, trust us, they’re well worth having on your radar. They’ve both represented Greece in the World Class Global Finals so it goes without saying that they know their stuff when it comes to drinks. They’re also proud owners of their eponymous bar, which just happens to be one of the coolest spots in Athens.

Far from being heavy handed in their professional lives (on a personal level, that’s a different story!) The Clumsies are continually looking for ways to create new taste sensations and dramatic new serves. Which is where their adapted Zacapa Solera System come in.

Created a year ago, the system is made up of two basic but painstakingly researched steps: the first, showing how a series of carefully chosen environments affects the flavour profile of the drinks and in turn, help to joosh up your cocktail menu; the second is how best to tease out the expressions of Zacapa 23 in selected cocktails.

We’ll leave it to them to explain and demonstrate the intricacies of it all – we just advise you to join us for what will be a unmissable insight into fermentation, the ageing process and getting the optimum results from new oak barrels – the way they do it is absolutely fascinating stuff. Plus of course, you’ll get to try the excellent drinks. On the British-inspired menu for the day they’ll be serving up English Breakfast (Zacapa redistilled with toasted bread and bacon in the rotavap); The Queen’s Favourite Tea Selection; Rum Apple Collins and barrel-aged cream with a British twist of rhubarb.

The event takes place at 3pm on Monday 8th June, appropriately enough at the excellent Bartender’s Table upstairs at Opium Chinatown.
Tickets are free but be quick, as this is an intimate affair, spaces are limited. Get yours here

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