Day one: Madrid
Getting to know you

This is Bombay Sapphire remember, so as well as being about imagination and creativity, this year’s World’s Most Imaginative Bartender Grande Final is all about Finding Sublime. Hence the uber cool choice of locations and carefully devised programme of inspiring events.

Day one set the tone for how things are going to roll throughout the week. We’re talking lounging by the rooftop pool and bar at the oh-so luxe Hotel Urban with a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic, then kicking off the evening at recently opened The Arts Club.

After welcome martinis, gin and tonics, negronis and a delicious selection of tapas, Bombay Sapphire Global Ambassador Raj Nagra welcomed the teams from the UK, US, France, Austria, Germany, Canada, Japan and Spain, giving us a brief run down of the schedule for the next few days. Trust us, it’s going to be pretty damned amazing.

And to prove it, we moved on for a traditional Spanish feast at Boiton, the oldest restaurant in the world. Just time for nightcaps at the ME rooftop bar before hitting up the zeds ready for day one proper.

Highlight of the day:
Meeting all the competitors, no question. Let’s hear it for:
Dan Berger, UK
Laura Choquart, France
Ran Duan, US
Sigrid Verena Ehm, Austria (Wild Card)
Robin Kaufman, Canada
Lukas Paul Motejzik, Germany
Luis Noguerira Bustamante, Spain
Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Japan

Where we found sublime:
Who couldn’t fail to be inspired by the majestic architecture in Madrid? Everywhere you look is a made for Instagram opportunity. Perfect lighting courtesy of Mother Nature, certainly helps.

Day two: Discovering Madrid, travelling to Alicante and rediscovering the Gin & Tonic

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