Firing up the imagination in London

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane is always a good spot to feed the mind. Usually its one of London’s top spots for mega musicals, but today it became a stage for another inspiring show: a belter of a performance from Professor Barry and Jozef Yousef and Professor Barry, followed by a rousing act from Marian Beke.

Professor Barry and Yousef really captured the imagination with their fascinating talk on multi-sensorial sciences. We tasted, touched, heard, saw and smelt things in a completely new way to demonstrat how the bartenders can tighten up their presentations on Thursday – by introducing sound perhaps, rethinking aroma to give pleasure of anticipation or sharpening up the visuals – all to heighten the senses and set up expectation for enjoyment for the judges and invited guests.

Then Marian Beke stepped into the spotlight, dazzling and clearly delighting the eight finalists with his artistic garnishes and thoughts on cocktail creation. Encores all round.

Armed with the knowledge from the morning, the bartenders then set off to buy ingredients and props for their presentations. We can’t wait to see the results.

Highlight of the day:
Tapping into sound as sonic seasoning with the Prof and Jozef. Fascinating stuff.

Where we found sublime:
Watching Marian create cocktails like a ninja.

Tomorrow: Hitting up Laverstoke Mill.

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