G’Vine Perspectives Global Challenge: the fifth day, rounding it all up

From Bordeaux via Cognac to Paris, the last few days in France with G’Vine Perspectives had it all for our bartenders. Here are just 11 of the things we learned by looking at things from a different perspective:

1.  Bartenders can actually be quite a spiritual lot

2.  The French cocktail is enjoying a renaissance

3.  Norwegians know a thing or two about Cognac

4.  G’Vine is as delicious in food as it is in drinks

5.  Alex Kratena likes to make extremely big cocktails

6.  Lily Fleur, Betty and Emmy are good names for stills

7.  The original gin recipe is older than you might think

8.  Parisians still love the iconic Citroën 2CV

9.  Inspiration can come from all sorts of people

10. Hibiscus makes a great addition to a Negroni

11. These global bartenders really know their stuff

To find out more about the winners of the G’Vine Perspectives Global Challenge, and their time in France, click on the main image above or the links below:

The first day, the gathering of the winners

The second day, 1495 and all that

The third day, cooking, cognac and a giant cocktail

The fourth day, meditation, cars and extraordinary bars



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