Take three of our favourite things – a hot to trot, award-winning team (The Clumsies), a fab spirit (Zacapa23) and an ace venue (Opium Chinatown), put them together and what do you get? Pure magic as it happens. As witnessed by those who came along to our recent salon.

No prizes for guessing why Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis have made the Top 4 for the Best New International Cocktail Bar at the prestigious Spirited Awards despite their bar having only been open for seven months. These guys absolutely rock and their enthusiasm and passion for their craft is infectious.

Their Zacapa 23 Adapted Solera Cocktail System is a case in point. Having devised it at the Greek Bar Show last November, Kyritsis and Bakoulis are on a mission to share the Solera Cocktail System love by taking it around the world and explaining the processes behind it so fellow bartenders can have a go for themselves.

After an introduction by Dan Dove, Senior Brand Reserve Brand Ambassador and font of knowledge on all things Zacapa, Kyritsis gave an engaging presentation to the group of bartenders and rum fans who were savvy enough to book up for the Monday afternoon session. Boukalis took care of the drinks, handing round the four cocktails he and his fellow Clumsy had crafted specially for the London audience.

We had a Breakfast Sour (redistilled Zacapa23 with an English breakfast twist of toasted bread and bacon); Dry Corpse Reviver No. 1 (Zacapa XO, the Queen’s Favourite Tea Selection, Carpano Bianco vermouth, Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Teapot Bitters); Apple Rum Collins (Zacapa and Talker, apple cider cordial and bubbles), and an intriguing but delicious Barrel-Aged Cream (Grand Marnier Rouge, Cassius Praline and rhubarb), which all went down exceptionally well, particularly the Collins and Cream.

The plan is for the team to present their unique Zacapa 23 Adapted Solera Cocktail System at bar shows and special events around the world, tailoring the cocktails to each market using local ingredients.

For further details on the processes, contact The Clumsies, below.

30 Praxitelous Street, Agioi Theodoroi SquareAthens theclumsies.gr

Opium Chinatown, The Jade Door, 15-16 Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JE. opiumchinatown.com




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