The subterranean haunt that is Mark’s Bar in Soho is probably one of the coolest cocktail joints in London. Think understated luxury with kick-back sofas and smoky mirrors. It’s also a curiously appealing mix of an apothecary cocktail bar nicely shaken up with a funky New York vibe. And let’s not forget the Mark Hix connection either, so the bar snacks are bit on the special side too.

Cocktail-wise we’re generally talking curiosities from yesteryear along with a strong Britishness in the list’s inspiration. Which makes it all the more intriguing that Mark’s Bar is offering up it’s very own celebration of a very un-British cocktail on National Daiquiri Day. Look a little closer though and one of the original artworks on display in the bar reveals it has a very apt connection with this iconic cocktail.

Dustin MacMillan from Mark’s Bar explains the link and tells us a little more about what the Daiquiri means to him.

Mark's Bar

Mark’s Bar

Hey Dustin, what’s your definition of the Daiquiri?

The most honest relationship between ingredients I have come across.

What does the taste of the Daiquiri conjure up to you?

All the ridiculous times I’ll been completely and utterly free, usually causing trouble of some description with a cool summer breeze, ah yes… Got to love a summer breeze.

Do you remember the first time you tasted one? If so, what was it like?

Sadly, it was frozen and came out of a machine. But, when you’re 10 you’ll take what you can get.

How do you like yours?

Freeflowing and endless…

Why do you think it’s such a classic drink?

With anything in this life, classics have proven themselves to outlive all those they’ve encountered. Drunken sailors, women of the night and presidents have all enjoyed one. It’s bridged gaps in society and the world.

Where would you most like to enjoy one?

Anywhere and everywhere.

Tell us about the Daiquiri you’ll be serving for National Daiquiri Day?

We have a painting by Harland Miller hanging in our Soho bar, I’m sure you’ve seen it. We are paying homage to it with our ‘Hard as Fuck Hemingway’, a twist on the classic with the addition of pineapple weed.

How does Bacardí 44.5% Heritage elevate the taste and depth of your Daiquiri?

It’s the closest we will get to tasting it just as the creator intended it to be, with each sip taking you back, if that doesn’t elevate you to another place I don’t know what will.

Why should cocktail lovers raise their glasses to National Daiquiri Day in your bar?

I believe the more appropriate question would be why shouldn’t they?

Mark’s Bar, HIX Soho, 66-70 Brewer Street, W1F 9UP. T: 020 7292 3518

Did you know?

The Daiquiri was originally built in a tall glass packed with crushed ice. Sugar was sprinkled over the ice, followed by a squeeze of lime and finished off by pouring over the rum.

Tomorrow: Celebrate National Daiquiri Day at… Chiltern Firehouse.

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