When, like Trailer Happiness, you celebrate rum every day of the week, you can bet National Daiquiri Day in this west London hotspot is gonna be one helluva party. In fairness, every day is fun day for Team Trailer and its loyal customers – in the 13 years it’s been open, Trailer, as its lovingly referred to by its many fans, has become shorthand for good times all round.

From left to right: Sly, Joe, James, Jamie and Pina = Team Trailer

People travel from all over to soak up the vibes in this seventies-tastic subterranean den. You can’t blame them. Despite the fact it’s undeniably a neighbourhood bar, there’s a real sense of familiarity about the place. In fact, it feels like a real home from home. Albeit one that serves its guests the best cocktails laced with the best possible rum.

The Daiquiris will definitely be flowing on 19th July. And owner Sly Augustin will be there to make sure of it. Here he shares his thoughts on the Daiquiri and why Trailer will be the place to enjoy a few on National Daiquiri Day.

So, Sly, can you share your thoughts on the Daiquiri?

A Daiquiri is a naked classic, a bad one leaves the bartender and sometimes the rum inside with nowhere to hide.

How do you define the drink?

It’s the perfect threesome.

What does the taste of the Daiquiri conjure up for you?

An appreciation for the very best… unless it’s frozen in which case it means hot days and loose clothes.

Do you remember the first Daiquiri you tasted and if so, do you remember what it was like?

It was in some random resort in St. Lucia back in the 90s, it tasted like rum flavoured sugar mixed with lemon juice you squeeze on pancakes.

How do you prefer yours?

Freshly served and perfectly balanced.

In your opinion, why is it such a classic cocktail?

It’s simplicity, when made well it’s my favourite drink.

Where would you most like to enjoy one?


Tell us about the Daiquiri you’ll be serving for National Daiquiri Day?

It will combine the freshest ingredients and the finest rum shaken with love.

How does Bacardí 44.5% Heritage elevate the taste and depth of your Daiquiri?

Bacardí Heritage is probably the closest thing to the original rum used to make the Daiquiri,  it’s slightly higher abv adds character without compromising the balance.

Why should cocktail lovers raise their glasses to National Daiquiri Day at Trailer?

We are home to the Notting Hill Rum Club which means no one has made as many Daiquiris as we have for such a demanding crowd. No one.

Trailer Happiness, 177-179 Portobello Road, London W11 2DY. T: 020 7041 9833. trailerhappiness.com
Open Monday-Sunday 5pm-late.

Photos: Ed Dabney for The Cocktail Lovers Magazine


Did you know?

Bacardí 44.5% Heritage was originally released as a limited edition in 2009 to commemorate the brand’s 100 year birthday. It was such a big hit, it’s now available permanently. Now if that isn’t Happy Friday news, we don’t know what is. Available from Gerry’s Wines & Spirits.

Tomorrow: Where to enjoy a Daiquiri on National Daiquiri Day – The American Bar at the Savoy.

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