Florian Drucks-Jacobsen, Liquid Bar, Germany

No 3 in a series of 11, talking to the winners of G’Vine Perspectives Global Challenge about the unconventional people who inspired them to create new G’Vine serves.

René Magritte

“I’ve been fascinated by the Belgium artist Magritte ever since I was a child. I really like the way that he was doing completely original things that no one had thought about before. He was so versatile in the way he could change his thinking.

With my drink I wanted to follow his way of thinking, to know rules and then step beyond them. My drink has G’vine but also barrel-aged cachaca and to mix them is not common. It is based on his painting of a pipe which is called ‘Ceci n’est pas use pipe’, which means ‘This Is Not A Pipe’. I serve it in a kind of tea cup and call it ‘Ceci n’est pas un thé’, which means ‘This Is Not Tea’.

Ceci n’est pas un thé


60ml G’Vine Floraison
30ml virgin pineapple juice
15ml Cachaca Armazem Vieira 3 amos
1 bar spoon simple syrup
Pinch of salt


Shake over ice and strain into a tea cup. Garnish with an edible flower.

Watch Florian talking about his inspiration

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